Outside another yellow moon punched a hole in the nighttime, yes
I climb through the window and down the street
Shining like a new dime
The downtown trains are full with all those Brooklyn girls
They try so hard to break out of their little worlds

You wave your hand and they scatter like crows
They have nothing that will ever capture your heart
They’re just thorns without the rose
Be careful of them in the dark
Oh if I was the one you chose
To be your only one
Oh baby can’t you hear me now

Tom Waits, Downtown Train

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Muse - Lithium - Live at Coachella Festival 2014

Fantastic recording of their performance.

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"God, that’s a bit morbid. But that’s fine, it’s a good question. Well I guess the quote, most of you superfans will know everything I’ve ever said or done but, you know it, it’s “Dance as though no one’s watching, sing as no one can hear you, love as though you’ve never been hurt and live life as if heaven is on earth.” Which, I just think is a really good, sort of way not to be overly concerned of people’s perception of you, be free in expressing yourself and to enjoy everything you have now. With ultimate respect for any religion that gives you an understanding of something beyond this life. Just enjoy what you have now and be good to those around you. There’s another phrase that’s going around and round my head, it’s a beautiful lyric from the new Elbow album Guy Garvey, My Sad Captains,”And if it’s all we only pass this way but once, what a perfect waste of time.” It’s beautiful, but anyway that’s Guy Garvey for you. He’s a master."
If this was to be your very last conversation, what words of wisdom would you want to pass on?- Benedict Cumberbatch Experience Panel, OZ COMIC CON (via miss-dramateen)


Scarlett Johansson by Tom Munro


Matt Bellamy - Muse by mattbooy on Flickr.

Love is our resistance

"We were doing the Big Day Out festival. I went “Hello, Adelaide!” Matt turned round going, “We’re in fucking Perth you dick.” He was quite pissed off with me for the whole day."
— Dominic Howard (via catoklism)


Frightened Rabbit - Poke

We can mourn its passing and then bury it in snow/or should we kick its cunt in and watch as it dies from bleeding/if you don’t want to be with me just say and I will go.”